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  • Burrito Bison Revenge

    Burrito Bison Revenge

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    Game Description

    Burrito bison revenge is only playable on your computer for now and is the best running game online, free for kids. Click spacer to activate your rocket slam ability, use the spinning meters to launch yourself out of the ring. Boost more power and buy junkies from shops such as elastic cable, slippery lotion, bounciness, rocket slam lotion control, bodybuilding pickpocket, and speedometer. Completing the mission earns handsome money by covering a distance of 250 meters without hurting yourself on the ground during the slam lunch and getting 150 dollars by squashing a Gummy carrying an item. I tried to squash 40 gummies during the same lunch and caught bad boys for extra money. Also, smash the exploders to get speed and height along with the boom balloon pop or burst up for extra height. The gummies will allow you to refill by successfully smashing on their heads.

    Release Date: 8 March 2022 , Platform: Web browser,

    Burrito Bison Revenge have been played 822 and receive 100'% from 2 votes on crazygamesonline

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