Mahjongg Dimensions 3D

    Mahjongg Dimensions 3D

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    Game Description

    Candy mahjongg game fans will find new excitement in Mahjongg Dimensions 3D. The free mahjong game Dimensions 3D adds a "TWIST" to traditional matching.

    To play Mahjong Dimensions, you must rotate a cube holding 3D tiles to find pairs of identical tiles, just as in traditional mahjong games.

    Mahjong 3D: It's simple to take in the entire 3D environment of a real mahjong game in a short amount of time. Tap the matching tiles on the screen to create a winning hand in the café mahjong game. Get better at matching and solving puzzle cubes while letting your thoughts wander.

    The American mahjong game Mahjong Dimensions is a 3D version that is easy to play. Mahjong is a matching game in which players must rotate a cube to discover pairs of matching tiles on the playing board. Matching pairs of tiles in a mahjong game allows you to remove them from the board. You'll advance to the next round when you've matched all of them.

    Players who enjoy the Game Boys version of Holiday Mahjong Dimensions choose games that stick close to the original design. Mahjong Dimensions is a fascinating 3D reimagining of the traditional Chinese mahjong game, with a twist that will appeal to fans of the wacky affluent Asian culture that inspired it.

    Candy Mahjong is a 3D twist on Classic Mahjong.

    To play our 3D rendition of the classic mahjong game, you must seek pairs of tiles within a cube.

    You can only win a level if you form a winning combination of tiles that are not blocked by tiles on the left or right borders of the 3D cube. If you want to win in this Chinese version of Mahjong, you'll need to be able to match tiles as rapidly as possible.

    Release Date: 27 August 2022 , Platform: Web browser,

    420 played times

    Category: Puzzles

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