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  • Fireboy And Watergirl Go Fishing

    Fireboy And Watergirl Go Fishing

    Fireboy And Watergirl Go Fishi...

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    Game description

    Apart from being a fascinating pastime, fishing is a fun and relaxing hobby. After a long day, FireBoy and WaterGirl want to relax together. For this reason, they went to the 2-player river. Meet them and go fishing together. Make sure you're not hauling in any useless debris.

    Move A, Hook W, Wrap R, and Pass 1. Assemble a pair of scissors as props. Using Acceleration Devices in Space P2 Move Hold Toggle Num1 or Ctrl, Cut it out with some Fireboy and Watergirl crys shears. Mobile devices are playable. To thoroughly investigate the Forest Temple, Fireboy instead, Watergirl required assistance.

    Get the answers, race against the clock, and grab all the gems. Visit Fireboy the Watergirl with their exciting journey, which may be played independently or with a fun companion. You'll need to pull tabs and press buttons to go through all 32 stages of this authentic Fireboy and Watergirl game.

    Release date: 22 November 2021 , Platform: Web browser

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    Play Fireboy And Watergirl Go Fishing


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