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    • Car Parking Pro - Car Parking Game & Driving

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      Make Deliveries and total lots of Parking Missions at the Mall. Including a garage of 10 automobiles to pick from! From super cars and SUV's to

      minibuses and energy trucks such as the delivery vans. FEATURES: ▶ EXPLORE THE SENSIBLE GOING SHOPPING CENTER: Discover numerous parking lot, alleys and courses ▶ TEST YOUR PARKING SKILLS: Jobs include reversing, deliveries, tight turns, red lights and slaloms ▶ NEGOTIATE THE REASONABLE TRAFFIC: Avoid other cars and trucks and barriers ▶ PICK FROM 10 UNIQUE AUTOMOBILES: Consisting of a pick-up, a supercar, an SUV and a minibus. ▶ COMPLETE 50 CHALLENGING MISSIONS: Parking & delivery tasks await you. ▶ FREE TO PLAY ALL THE METHOD THROUGH: No strings connected. Shopping Center Car & Truck Parking offers you an opportunity to attempt your luck in over 50 increasingly tough Parking, Delivery & Transportation Missions, in a substantial range of vehicles. Explore the densely detailed Shopping center environment and reveal your Driving & Parking abilities in a reasonable environment. After you master all of the lorries, you will be all set for the Ultimate Obstacle-- the super-long freight truck! WHAT DO YOU WISHED TO DRIVE? You can select the awesome Pick-up Truck-- drive a powerful all-wheel-drive monster! The Supercar-- drift through the streets and display to the general public! Drive like a professional! Three high-end limousines-- transportation CEOss and Unique Visitors in these extended limousines including a personalized 6-wheeler! There's also a Household SUV-- the best vehicle for sneaking into that last parking spot! Shipment van-- all sellers need an excellent motorist to deliver their stuff! Minibus-- time for the public to arrive. Get them to their location safely! And lastly a Freight truck-- the Ultimate driving challenge is to drive this huge truck down the small streets without crashing. The biggest merchants have the biggest shops, so they require the very best chauffeurs! Total the tasks to open new cars and more objectives. Completing missions you have to drive quickly but likewise securely and precisely. Whatever it is you'll be carrying, you do not want your reckless driving to damage it! You will be penalized for crashing, so you have to be cautious and thorough while completing your tasks. With a little precision and skill you will have the ability to handle it and end up being a pro driver that's needed to complete the job. Select one of the vehicles and start driving now!

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