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  • Yummy Waffle Ice Cream

    Yummy Waffle Ice Cream

    Yummy Waffle Ice Cream

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    Game description

    Are waffles something you like eating? Are you someone who enjoys ice cream? You will like playing this Yummy Super Burger game very much. Let's prepare some waffles and top them with ice cream, all kinds of fruit, and all kinds of syrups, shall we? Make your damn waffles!

    You need to hatch every surprise egg to gather all the beautiful Arcade baby Smolsies, each cuter than the one that came before it. If you put two animal Smolsies into the magical machine that combines pets, you will be rewarded with a new surprise egg. You'll find many more adorable critters within, and you can keep them all if you crack it open. A dream unicorn cat is waiting to be hatched, so keep an eye out for it!

    Baby Smolsies need a lot of love, attention, and care! Lay eggs, feed the baby, tidy the home, play girl's board games, & watch the virtual pet develop! You should bathe the adorable critters, place people to bed when tired, and make cute hats out of craft supplies that your pets can wear.

    Adorable pet Smolsies adore playing cooking games! Unlock and enjoy exciting jumping, basketball, soccer, colouring, and hat-creating mini-games! Play to get money and charming and amusing prizes for your virtual pet home by collecting coins as you play.

    Enjoy Smolsies - the most excellent online animal care games for kids from the developers of Fluvsies as well as Kpopsies! Download today to hatch your first gorgeous surprise eggs, take care of charming newborn animals, and play entertaining mini-funny games!

    Release date: 27 November 2021 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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