Dream Chefs

    Dream Chefs

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    Game Description

    Have you ever had a fantasy that involves cooking? The  DREAM CHEF game Dreams Chef is a lot of fun. Feel the excitement of food prep in the kitchen without having to put in any work. In a restaurant, your job is to fulfil the customers' requests while also coming up with various delectable food.

    Prepare various dishes using a Chef Knife Master of components from other countries to demonstrate your culinary prowess. You may start your path to being a crazy renowned chef by visiting the most excellent restaurants, where you can discover new and fascinating foods and pave your route to becoming a famous chef. Are you prepared to face some difficulties? Then let's get started!

    Relax and take pleasure in the refreshing Clicker game: prepare delicious meals and attend to the needs of your patrons to progress through the stages.

    Each session will feel completely different from the last, thanks to the many sorts of objectives and the distinctive design of each restaurant.

    Unlock new places and find colourful cuisine-made dishes with unusual ingredients. Characters with a charming appeal: In this episode, you'll get to know the exciting ensemble of customers!

    Earn tickets and break open stickers boxes to build a collection of stickers featuring your most loyal customers.

    You may compete with other Puzzles by joining an existing club or building your own, and the top position on the scoreboard is up for grabs.

    Release Date: 24 November 2021 , Platform: Web browser,

    1061 played times

    Category: Cooking

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