Slip Blocks

    Slip Blocks

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    Game Description

    Try Slip Block, an exciting kids game of all ages. Play this puzzle game and move the block by clicking on it, then drag it in the right colour to cross the level.

    Slip Blocks is an incredible online puzzle game for kids of all ages. Play this online puzzle game to improve your colour blindness. If you are colourblind or mix up the colours, play this puzzle game online free because it contains different colours. And if your colour sense is good, you can play puzzle games free well and pass the level; otherwise, it might be stressful or take some time, but no worries, you will learn, and one day you will triumph. There is a total of thirty levels waiting for you, and in each class, there is more complex because it contains a difficult path for the puzzle game, and there are more colours. You are a cube of any colour, and your job is to move only on your paint. If you mistakenly step on the other colour without the colour ring, then you will lose. But if you remain on your path and succeed in colouring the whole track, you will win a free puzzle game.

    Release Date: 24 November 2021 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile),

    480 played times

    Category: Puzzle

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