Funny Heroes Emergency

    Funny Heroes Emergency

    html5 html5 kids kids funny funny doctor doctor care care hero hero emergency emergency surgery surgery

    Game Description

    The Marvel Heroes game is in shambles after they fought to save the planet. Help the Dragon Ball Heroes recover from their injuries and advance throughout the game. Makeover their looks till they're ready to go back into the chatting tom heroes game. I'm desperate for your assistance rescuing my most beloved fictional characters, video games, and pastimes!
    The tasks are fun to play since there is always a possibility to earn more points and move up the leaderboards. Playing this basketball-themed hero game opens the door to quick progression in the Blood of Heroes series. Participate in various challenges, get medals, and then rate your War Heroes performance against that of other players.
    You'll be in charge of fire departments, rescue squads, and police forces in this addictive, photorealistic take on the Funny Dentist Surgery. Defeat fires, rescue hostages, and eliminate terrorists over 14 missions in this avengers game.
    In this hero college game, you'll be in charge of various facilities and departments, including a police station, a SWAT squad, a fire department, and an ambulance service. Superheroes and games, Christopher Columbus, criminals, medical care, disaster management, workers, vehicles, and dispatch centres are all under your watchful eye.
    Take control of the Avengers, the Hero Rescue 3, emergency medical personnel, doctors, police officers, and special forces to put out fires, save lives, save animals, and fight terrorists. Build a sturdy structure, and round up 10 of your best-skilled rescue workers to play the hero game. Expand your main hub and upgrade your fire trucks, hospital, and other buildings in the Baby Heroes Bible Game. Take advantage of the Rescue Service, the Police Department, and the Technical Units to complete all the exciting and challenging missions!

    Release Date: 27 June 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile),

    528 played times

    Category: Girls

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