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    Burger Race

    Burger Race

    Burger Race

    stickman stickman webgl webgl casual casual hypercasual hypercasual 3d 3d racing racing color color race race cooking cooking collecting collecting iogames iogames collection collection burger burger

    Game description

    Embark on an exhilarating culinary adventure with Burger Race, an enthralling cooking game app offline that will have you racing against time to whip up the most delectable burgers! With an amalgamation of Asian cooking game elements, Burger Restaurant Express is set in a vibrant anime world where you pick ingredients to craft the perfect hamburger.

    As you dive into this Android cooking game, you’ll be greeted with many colours and customization options. Your character represents not just any ordinary chef but your culinary spirit. With over 30 colours, you can create a character that resonates with your style. But that’s not all; you’ll unlock even more colours and accessories as you progress!

    The gameplay in Burger Race is as delicious as the burgers you’ll be making. Use WASD or drag your mouse in the desired direction to move your character around the kitchen. As you assemble burgers, you’ll earn money essential for an intriguing twist in this app cooking game - building bridges! Yes, you heard it right. You’ll construct bridges to advance to the next stage, where even more culinary challenges await.

    Now, if you’re a fan of modifications, you’ll be thrilled to know that Burger Race also comes as an Asian cooking game mod apk. This apk cooking game version allows you to enjoy additional features and perks to enhance your burger-making journey.

    The cooking game background is an amalgamation of various themes. The scenes change from the hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen to serene landscapes as you build bridges and move ahead.

    Yummy Super Burger is not just about burgers; it’s a cooking academy game. From cooking game birds to cooking games and baking games, there’s a wide array of dishes to prepare. You might even find yourself baking cookies - cooking game style!

    The game also features a cooking game browser version for those who prefer playing on their web browsers. And for the little ones, cooking games, baby Hazel and cooking game Barbie themes are integrated, ensuring entertainment for all ages.

    Moreover, you can even engage in cooking game co-op mode, teaming up with friends or family members for an even more thrilling experience. Whether you’re competing to see who makes the best burger or collaborating to build bridges, the co-op mode adds an extra layer of excitement.

    Burger Race also pays homage to classic games with elements like the cooking game Bhejo and bbc cooking game. And for those always looking for the best, Burger Race won’t disappoint as it’s touted as the best cooking game switch and vr cooking game by many.

    In conclusion, Burger Race is a cooking game that combines the thrill of racing with the art of cooking. With its captivating cooking game, fantastic math puzzles, bunnies kingdom cooking game elements, and a plethora of dishes to prepare, it’s a game that promises endless hours of fun and learning.

    So, put on your chef’s hat and prepare to race through the kitchen in Burger Chef Tycoon!

    Release date: 27 June 2023 , Platform: Web browser

    152 played times

    Classification: crazygames » Fighting

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