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5 Crazy Stories to Incorporate Into Potential Football Manager 2024 Story Mode

5 Crazy Stories To Incorporate Into Potential Football Manager 2024 Story Mode

Football Manager is a highly sought-after game among football enthusiasts. It enables you to take charge of your preferred football team, tackle obstacles, make transfers, and handle all the decisions legendary managers like Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho have faced. The game's success can be attributed to its open-world approach, with every save having a unique progression from the previous one.

Over the years, many gamers have contemplated whether a story mode in the iconic franchise could work. Rival popular football game FIFA took a punt on the idea a few years ago, with its thee Journey'' game mode allowing gamers to play as the mythical Alex Hunter and follow his journey from grassroots kickabouts in the park to the bright lights of RealMadrid'ss Santiago Bernabeu. The beloved football simulation has come in for criticism over the years, primarily due to its Ultimate Team mode.

Many have convicted FUT to be too similar to gambling with its in-game loot boxes called packs. These packs allow gamers to spend real money to upgrade their team with better players; however, just like when playing slot games online, you never know what you will get. You may win big by packing a superstar like Kylian Mbappé or end up empty-handed. It's all up to randomized rewards.

EA was fortunate that their story mode was a huge success and didn't face any controversies, unlike their FUT counterpart. This has led to speculation about whether Sports Interactive could achieve similar success by introducing a story mode in the upcoming edition of Football Manager 2024, set to release this autumn. If they decide to implement this game mode, they could include some fascinating stories from real-life football, such as the story of Lecce's Great Escape in 1983. In this match, Lecce faced relegation from Serie B, but in the final moments, striker Ciccio Graziani scored a last-minute winner, saving them from the dreaded trap door. This is just one of many incredible football stories that could be added to the game.

Over the years, countless tales have been of avoiding the drop that has gone down in folklore. In 2015, Leicester City lost 4-3 away at Tottenham Hotspur, leaving them cut adrift at the bottom of the Premier League, seven points away from safety with just nine games remaining. However, the Foxes would win seven matches, climbing up to 14th in the table and comfortably avoiding the drop. The following season, they would win the title as 5000/1 outsiders. Imagine recreating that!

The 2005 UEFA Champions League Final between Liverpool and AC Milan in Istanbul is considered one of the greatest football games ever played. AC Milan was expected to win by a large margin, but they took an early three-goal lead, thanks to Hernan Crespo's brace and a goal from captain Paolo Maldini. However, Liverpool, led by their captain Steven Gerrard, mounted a comeback and scored three goals in just six minutes, eventually winning the game on penalties. 


If you incorporated this match into Football Manager 2023 Story Mode, it would be an exciting challenge for your team to face a similarly dire situation and attempt a brutal comeback.

The Harrowing Journey of Chapecoense
The Brazilian football team Chapecoense's 2016 plane crash tragedy was one of the most 
devastating events in sports history. The team was traveling to Colombia to play in the Copa 
Sudamericana final when their plane crashed due to a lack of fuel, resulting in the deaths of 
most onboard. The club had to be rebuilt just as Manchester United had done in the 1950s following 
the Munich Air Disaster, and incorporating the rise and recovery of the surviving players and 
coaching staff, along with the overwhelming support shown to the team, could be a touching 
and inspiring addition to a potential story mode. 

The Arsenal Team That Couldn't Be Defeated 

The 2003/2004 season was a remarkable achievement for Arsenal. They made history by becoming the first team to win the Premier League without a single defeat. Superstars Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp solidified their status as icons of the beautiful game during this season. The team was nicknamed 'The Invincibles' due to their incredible feat. Can you imagine managing a team that has a similar unbeaten run? As their manager, you must keep them motivated and focused to maintain their perfect season. Achieving an unbeaten record would give you absolute bragging rights for your team's story mode.

In the 1962 FIFA World Cup match between Chile and Italy, a violent brawl erupted, resulting in punches being thrown and red cards being issued. This infamous incident is known as the 'Battle of Santiago.' While promoting or encouraging violence in football is unacceptable, a challenge could be created where teams must maintain discipline and focus amidst chaos (imaginary) to instill a sense of self-control. Many other matches have also descended into chaos, such as the 2006 World Cup last 16 match between Portugal and the Netherlands, which became known as the Battle of Nuremberg, with four players being sent off. The Dutch attempted to kick Spain into submission in the 2010 showpiece, but Spain kept their cool and secured a 116th-minute win thanks to Andres Iniesta. Could you maintain your composure in a similar situation?

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