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    World Puzzle

    World Puzzle

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    Word Puzzle is an ageless and free word game. We took the most significant features of the word mad dash and crossword puzzles and put them into one fun game. Join the squares to make words out of the random letters. You may advance to the next stage if you complete the tasks in the specified sequence.

    Super Fox World Jungle Adventure Run, tens of thousands of challenging levels, will keep your mind in tip-top shape.
    - Exercise your intellect while you have fun!
    - People of 15 different languages may use the word brain. Those who are linguistic ninjas may test your wits with crosswords in as many languages as you speak.
    - Continue your winning run by solving a word search problem every day.

    Although Alien Bounce Gravity Simulation Bouncy World may initially seem simple, you'll soon find it's far from it. You will eventually face an opponent who is equally skilled as you. Don't freak out; keep this in mind for the future.
    To begin with, it may complete all of the Adventure.
    Secondly, you may utilize hints! For some illumination, please press the light bulb.

    Release date: 17 January 2023 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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