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    Stickman Army : Resistance

    Stickman Army : Resistance

    Stickman Army : Resistance

    stickman stickman battle battle action action shoot shoot war war defense defense gun gun rescue rescue kill kill

    Game description

    A swarm of rogue stickmen have begun to wreak havoc in the wilderness, slaughtering innocent humans. The area's final hope is with the greatest army team in the region!!! You are a highly trained military team of two. You have access to several dangerous weapons that can end the rebellion. You can put an end to this dispute. This, on the other hand, will be a tremendous fight. At all costs, defend yourself. Choose from a range of weaponry, fly about the battlefield, and take advantage of physics! Use your power, speed, accuracy, and agility to outwit your opponents! Stickman Fighter Master, a stick fighting game, promises thrilling stickman fights. Take control of your stickman 3D and compete to be the best 3D stickman warrior! When the US Army comes, the true hero appears. Anti-terrorist Stickman Rope Hero Stickman Rope Hero evil clones have taken over the village.
    Using your new skills, drive your clones out of the city.
    Stickman rope Hero, keep your wits about you and work your way through all trials.
    Vehicles, motorbikes, and even tanks may run over Stickman Rope Hero. Please don't make any mistakes now that you're the finest guard!
    Investigate a large map in quest of buried wealth.
    Earn prizes by defeating your opponents and completing assignments as Stickman Rope Hero to receive the best weapons in the shop. Stickman Rope Hero, you must hit hard and hold your line till the end. It's time to serve the country and protect it from a terrorist attack! A counter-terrorist warfare strike is planned. To win the counterattack battle against the terrorist assault in the mountains, you must behave like a real army commando stickman and utilise your skilled commando war shooting skills to protect the innocents from the terrorists. You must shoot, kill, and survive this anti-terrorist counterattack war game. Stickman Shooting is a fast-paced battlefield shooting job that includes sniper shooting, shotguns, and real combat experience. Prepare for a new attack and complete with a new set of techniques to defend your military army commando stickman and win this anti-terrorist stickman shooting war conflict. However, shooting terrorists isn't the only way to kill them. There are several strategies for dealing with your enemies, dependent on your environment.
    Prepare for the new anti-terrorist stickman shooting war and become a champion commando in this refute shooting assault game.
    Our talented game designers always introduce new features, stickman heroes, and storylines to provide you and your friends with the finest gaming experience possible.
    Players may earn free coins by viewing opt-in video adverts offered in the game. You may make more money and unlock new characters faster by watching video adverts. You move the stick to tell the stickman which way to fly across the arena. Use physics to spin the weapon you're holding to deal the greatest damage! 
    Stickman Fighter Supreme: 2D Battle Arena comes with a plethora of weapons! Weapons include hammers, axes, knives, and swords; you decide! You may also choose your starting gear, but if your weapon gets knocked out of your hands, there are plenty of alternative options around the arena! After defeating your opponent, you can take their weapon if it is cooler than yours. You may use your mouth or touch the screen. The in-game tutorials may assist you in getting started. It would help if you defended yourself against renegades and revolutionaries. Lead your squad to triumph at the end of the game. You have a variety of weapons at your disposal, such as a machine gun or a rifle. bazookas

    Release date: 14 May 2022 , Platform: Web browser

    878 played times

    Classification: crazygames » Action

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