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  • Relic Guardians Arcade Ver. DX

    Relic Guardians Arcade Ver. DX

    arcade arcade casual casual adventure adventure collect collect fighting fighting pixelart pixelart rpg rpg turn-based turn-based anime anime

    Game Description

    Try Relic Guardians Arcade Ver. DX and enters into the world of action. In the game, you have to fight with the monsters and have to collect the 7 antiques.

    Play Relic Guardians Arcade Ver. DX fro free at crazygamesonline. 

    The Relic Guardians Arcade Ver. DX was free from Earth-1 before Kaiser Dragon and their leader. Usage turn-based actions inspired by rock-paper-scissors to win battles and save the world! Rock, paper, scissors meet time travel and anime fights! Battle crowds of Grunts that work for the atrocious Area Mayhem and obtain all the 7 antiques. Relic Guardians Arcade Ver. DX game is little fun and complex to play. In the action game online, you are the only saviors of the world left now. You have to save the world from the monsters. The game Relic Guardians Arcade Ver. The rock paper scissors inspire DX. by doing rock paper scissors, you will travel the time machine and enter into a world where monsters are trying to finish the world. There you have to fight the monsters and have to kill them to remain victorious in the game. Travel by the time machine and save the world. 

    Release Date: 24 November 2021 , Platform: Web browser,

    Relic Guardians Arcade Ver. DX have been played 767 and receive 0'% from 0 votes on crazygamesonline

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