In Australia, online gambling is a significant industry, annually generating over AUD 2 billion. Many websites, such as, offer numerous opportunities and cater to diverse player preferences. Predominantly, these sites utilize online advertising, though some opt for mass media.

Recently, Australian regulatory bodies have focused on industry regulation while gambling companies expand their reach through promotional activities. The Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) disclosed that gambling companies primarily use free-to-air TV and radio over other mediums, including digital. From April 2022 to May 2023, over a million ads for online casinos appeared on FTA TV and Radio. This marks a significant milestone, warranting a closer examination of these findings.

Online Casinos' Increased Visibility in Australian Ads

In the local ad market, 58% of FTA (Free-to-air) ads are from online casinos, showcasing their services and expert reviews, which offer entertainment and reliable information. Experts, like the OCA expert team, evaluate these platforms, providing valuable insights into the advertised casinos.

Here's a breakdown of ad statistics:

  • 51% of ads in metropolitan Australian areas are from online casino companies.
  • Social media and digital platforms contribute only 15%, 9%, and 8% to regional and metropolitan revenues, respectively.

Despite global trends favoring digital media for advertising, Australia still predominantly uses the Free-To-Air sector for mass marketing, influenced by various factors.

Higher Traffic Generation

FTA TV remains a primary entertainment source in Australia. People's preference for free services leads to significant traffic for casinos, prompting heavy investment in TV and Radio ads.

The Tourist Factor

FTA services appeal to tourists, common across Australia. Tourists are thus more engaged with these media ads, increasing their interest in casinos.

The Hidden Edge

Before ACMA's study revelations, FTA advertising was a concealed advantage. It gave casinos a competitive edge by targeting specific demographics. Now, this strategy is available for broader use.

Higher Prestige and Authenticity

Ads gain more recognition and authenticity on regulated TV and Radio channels, enhancing their credibility. This results in increased traffic and revenue.

The Peak Timeslots for Ads

With many casino companies in Australia, competition is high. Most tune into FTA services during peak hours:

  • 7 PM to 10 PM sees the most casino ads.
  • 9 to 10 PM is the prime time for advertising.
  • During these hours, there could be over 25,000 ads.

Australian Regulations

The sheer volume of casino ads necessitates regulatory attention from the Australian Government, focusing on broadcasting norms during peak hours and overall.

The Potential

Ads portray gambling as entertainment rather than a money-making venture. Despite progress in gaming regulations and partnerships like Responsible Wagering Australia, more measures are needed.

The Australian authorities are working towards their citizens' long-term welfare.

The Overall Insight - Future Possibilities

Given FTA advertising's cost-effectiveness and high ROI, companies may continue using this medium. However, the Australian Government's firm stance could lead to significant industry changes.

Ultimately, the goal is to balance the online casino community's interests with responsible FTA media exposure, prioritizing public well-being.

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