Zombies at the beach

    Zombies at the beach

    shooter shooter arcade arcade game game shoot shoot zombie zombie

    Game Description

    This is your very own low-budget zombie film! You thought the summer would be the perfect time to laze around on the zombies and enjoy the sun's warmth? Because of the hordes of zombie apocalypse that have descended on the area, the free food offered by the enormous number of people that have gathered at the beach is no longer an option. You're armed because we're in a bad zombie game. Clean up the beach with your shoot and save all the zombies (you might get lucky).

    Welcome to the zombie survival games! Were you hoping to soak up some rays at the beach this summer? Take a second look. You can forget about it because hordes of starving best zombie games have descended on the location, intent on stealing from the free dinner offered by the many tourists present. You're armed because we're in a bad free zombie game. Use your shotgun to clear up the beach and save as many beautiful zombie games as possible (you might get lucky).

    In the driver's seat, As a player, you must keep track of your ammunition supply and exterminate the Zombie shooter game lurking behind various pieces of décor. They'll attack if they get too close, so get them out of your way fast! Take care not to shoot anyone in the vicinity, as there may be innocent cod zombies. Even if they're as faded as the destroyed, it doesn't count!

    Throughout 100 zombie shooter games, you will have to take out increasing numbers of zombies while avoiding their devastating attacks. You'll be worthy of the worst Zombie shooting game ever made if you can fly through the putrid flesh of those cretins. Put your reflexes to the minecraft zombie.

    Release Date: 2 May 2022 , Platform: Web browser,

    348 played times

    Category: Shooting

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