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    Game description

    The Mobile Tank League is a basic yet entertaining tank .io games in which you will soon be able to command a tanks regiment of your own.
    In Tanks.io, you play as a tank in an online .io games shooting. Participate in arena battle to get gold. Upgrade your tank by purchasing the best one you can find! Dominate! Fight with your .io games unblocked wtf wherever they are to prove that you are the ruler of the arena.
    Tanks.io is an .io games unblocked where you can wage battle against your other players. Ammunition and vehicles of all kinds are available for your entertainment.
    - Take on a big number of opponents and teammates in real-time via the internet!
    - A variety of maps and arenas to pick from - Chat with your friends
    When it comes to finger dexterity, quick fingers win!
    You can gain an advantage on the battlefield by selecting .io games battle royale.
    Content that has just been added: Stay tuned! We're constantly updating the .io games among us with new content, including tanks and levels.
    Participate in the .io games best opening event to gain additional gold and honour.
    Visuals and effects are beautiful and captivating, such as gentle shadows and sumptuous effects.

    Release date: 23 April 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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