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  • Salon de maquillage

    Salon de maquillage

    Salon de maquillage

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    Game description

    In the enchanting world of Salon de maquillage, dreams of a perfect wedding come to life. This immersive experience invites every girl to step into the shoes of a bride on her special day. The game starts with the transformation of the bride, where players can indulge in various spa treatments including a face spa, leg spa, body spa, and a soothing hand spa. These treatments are not just about relaxation; they also prepare the bride for her big day, ensuring she looks and feels her best.

    Following the spa treatments, the game takes an exciting turn as players get to engage in the meticulous process of bridal makeup. This is where your skills as a makeup artist shine, as you select from an array of cosmetics to create the perfect bridal look. From subtle and elegant to bold and glamorous, the choices are endless, allowing for complete creative freedom.

    Dressing the bride is another key aspect of Salon de maquillage. Players have the opportunity to choose from beautiful wedding gowns and accessorize with stunning jewelry, veils, and high heels. The attention to detail in selecting the wedding attire adds depth to the game, making it a fulfilling experience for those who love fashion and design.

    In addition to the bride, the game also includes grooming and dressing the groom, ensuring he looks dapper and complements the bride perfectly. The wedding car gets a makeover too, with players responsible for its cleaning and decoration. This holistic approach to wedding preparation adds layers to the gameplay, making it a comprehensive wedding experience.

    A unique feature of the game is the wedding photoshoot. Players can set the scene, choose poses, and capture the special moments of the bridal couple. This interactive element adds a personal touch, allowing players to create memories within the game.

    Moreover, Salon de maquillage is complemented by other intriguing games like My Little Pet Salon. This game shifts the focus from brides to pets, where players can groom and pamper various animals, showing their love and care through different salon treatments.

    For those who enjoy a mental challenge, puzzle Games offer a variety of brain-teasing experiences. These games range from simple jigsaws to complex problems, catering to all ages and skill levels.

    Another fascinating game is Perfect Salon. Similar to Salon de maquillage, it revolves around beauty treatments and styling, but with a broader range of salon services, offering players more ways to express their creativity in beauty and fashion.

    For an entirely different experience, Deep Space Horror: Outpost takes players to the depths of space with a thrilling and suspenseful storyline. This game contrasts the light-hearted nature of salon games with its intense and gripping gameplay.

    Salon de maquillage seamlessly blends with various gaming categories. For boys games, it offers an opportunity to explore the world of grooming and fashion, breaking conventional gender norms. Dressup games are at the heart of this title, providing endless possibilities in bridal fashion and styling. Girl games and girls games find a perfect match in Salon de maquillage, where the dream of a fairy-tale wedding comes to life. The game also falls under hypercasual games, offering an easy-to-play yet engaging experience. Puzzle games enthusiasts can find a different kind of puzzle in coordinating the perfect wedding look, testing their styling and coordination skills.

    In summary, Salon de maquillage is not just a game about dressing up a bride; it's an all-encompassing wedding experience that extends from spa treatments to wedding decorations, from makeup artistry to the groom's attire, all combined to make that dream wedding a virtual reality.

    Release date: 26 November 2021 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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