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    ACTION-FILLED ALL-TERRAIN RACE! Engage in 3D racing fights, fire rockets and utilize protective shield to counter enemy attack. Nitro Boost is

    obligatory! Gather the turbo, struck the throttle and leave all the other automobiles behind. You set the guidelines as you wander, move, bump, hit, shoot and pass to finish initially! 3D QUICK GAME RACE Roaring engines, cigarette smoking tires, crashes and above all Speed! RACE - Rocket Arena Vehicle Extreme - loaded with epic explosions, destruction and effects. Hit nitro - for more adrenaline. Let your opponents bite the dust. The change of day and night, neon signs and tips will never ever tire you. Fantastic graphics and no brakes! This racing automobile video game is for you! Change graphics settings to improve game quality and smoothness. THE SUPREME EXPERIENCE IN RACING FIGHTS Your arena, your rules! Arena fights. Get directly into action. Tire your enemies in the derby arena and rush through fire traps, morgensterns, chainsaws and other devastating barriers. This racing game is like a genuine action film! Rocket Arena Cars And Truck Extreme (RACE) is a sizzling mixed drink of survival racing and fights on wheels. VARIOUS PLACES OF BATTLE Various historic eras! Experience the thrill of driving under large cliffs and leave sandstorms. Explore ancient Egyptian ruins and other marvels. Aztecs and Mayans, Egyptian gods and others will never offer you a break. Set foot on the road of indignation to search for what you treasure the most! THE BEST OPPONENT IS THE BEATEN ENEMY Dangers of crazy and dangerous driving are necessary to beat your enemies. Choose a weapon to your preference: rockets, bombs, machine weapons and electric weapons. Slow down time and remove your enemies. Harness your winning mentality and guide your cruise missiles to wicked racing gangs. BEST ARENA RACING VEHICLES Win action races and rewards to get your supreme off roadway racing vehicle. Get the most out of lorries Numerous effective American vehicles, European classics and Japanese drift lorries! Each cars and truck is equipped with everything you could perhaps require to deal optimal damage to your challengers. These monsters on wheels will deal with any off-road conditions. They will melt the asphalt in the course of fury. VEHICLE EVOLUTION SYSTEM Each car can evolve as much as level 30. Upon reaching levels 10, 20, and 30, it acquires special body packages that further improve racing and fight performance. PICK YOUR FAVORITE ORDERS 2 kinds of commands to win these insane battle races. NO FUEL AND OTHER PROBLEMS Fuel tank half full or half empty? The guidelines for a favorable attitude in this action game - the tank is constantly full. No need to wait a long time to restore your car's energy and start the race. Rush at complete speed without any limits! THE BATTLE ROYAL - ONE VERSUS ALL Get ready for the leaderboard battle. Lots of gamers are defending the significant award - the title of all-time champion. MUSIC CREATED TO LIVE THE EXPERIENCE Music will bring you the adventure of incredible speed and explosive competition throughout the races. Change the settings to improve the quality and smoothness of the video game. 4 VIDEO GAME MODES - Arena - fight royale design racing - profession - profession project - lone wolf - survival maker battle. - Darkness - Get the biggest benefits.

    Release Date: 24 November 2021 , Platform: Web browser,

    RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme have been played 811 and receive 100'% from 1 votes on crazygamesonline

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