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  • Lazy orcs

    Lazy orcs

    3d 3d 1player 1player clicker clicker

    Game Description

    Try Lazy orcs, a clicker game that is perfect for you to enjoy! Help the King get the Orcs to work so the king can have enough money to fund his new castle.

    Lazy Orcs is an all-new clicker game. In this 3d game, you must help the orcs work. The lazy King has given you strict orders to have the orcs work long and hard. Since the King is sluggish, the Orcs do not take their work seriously. The King wants to develop funds for his new castle in this one player clicker game. Raise as much money as you can while maintaining the Orcs, or you will have no more workers! This super entertaining game will put you through a lot of hard labour. Can you and the Orcs handle the burden placed on you? Upgrade machinery so the Orcs can use less effort to make more money and eventually build the King his incredible castle in this fun working game. Work hard so you can get paid and never have to worry about any problems! Gain the trust of the Orcs and eventually take over from the current King and treat everyone fairly and be the first non-lazy King the kingdom needs!

    Release Date: 27 November 2021 , Platform: Web browser,

    Lazy orcs have been played 319 and receive 100'% from 3 votes on crazygamesonline

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