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  • Idle Robots

    Idle Robots

    Idle Robots

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    Game description

    Inactive Robot Wars is a simulation game about running an inactive robot business!

    Join the mega robot game business, where we can construct a wide variety of different robots!

    Construct all possible robot games online to save the planet!

    Earn more money to expand your automation business and hire more people to work for the magic robot game. 

    Put your automaton to work to defeat the extraterrestrials and save the planet!

     The operation is as simple as possible: delegate everything to your staff! You need only focus on improving the abilities of your army robot game, and then you can relax and take care of business.

    It is a Battle Robot Jigsaws game with entertaining animations, outstanding 3D graphics, and a true 3D perspective that allows you to view the robot from various perspectives.

     Run your own action game robot game and instruct your employees. Earn more money. Enjoy even better-click-based gameplay mechanisms.

    Release date: 17 March 2023 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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