Hunter Hitman

    Hunter Hitman

    shooting shooting war war soldier soldier assasin assasin stealth stealth

    Game Description

    Join me in an exciting new game where you eliminate terrorist threats and restore global peace. Become a sniping pro, deal with novel ideas and challenging landscapes. Here on Raft Shark Hunting, you'll have to sneak about, undertake covert missions, and watch out for danger while on the hunt.

    Fantastic Deer Hunter 2D hunting activities and intricate and ever-changing landscapes will keep you glued to the chair for hours.

    If you're being chased down the shooting games online, you can't afford to let them catch you.

    An incredible cast of assassins, robbers, and thieves fight in a breathtaking wilderness basketball shooting game.

    Gameplay-wise, you may manoeuvre the assassin and pursue his targets by touching and clicking on the screen.

    Wobble Hitman and assassins must watch their backs, employ cover and shade to avoid being seen, and hope their targets don't shoot first.

    There might be armed enemies hiding everywhere. Quickly launch an assault and then make your infrared shooting game getaway.

    When an oculus shooting game is defeated, they will drop valuable jewels. 

    Release Date: 19 February 2023 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile),

    186 played times

    Category: Action

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