Hexa 2048 Puzzle - Block Merge

    Hexa 2048 Puzzle - Block Merge

    2048 2048 puzzle puzzle crush crush block block 1player 1player hexagon hexagon

    Game Description

    Playing the Hexa 2048 Puzzle - Block Merge is a delightful experience. As the name suggests, a very large hexagon is cut into many smaller hexagons. The logic game known as Hexagon got its start there. There won't be any elementary mathematical work for you to do here. Because the powers of 4 multiply in this manner, you are interested in learning about them. To begin, you are given some colourful hexagonal blocks, each of which has a number. It would help if you positioned them inside the enormous Hexagon. The Sweet Candy Hexa Puzzle for a single player will now begin. When you put it down, you want to ensure that you put it next to a similar number. This is because three numbers that are similar to each other combine to form a larger number. You will have a different number goal to shoot for in each round. If you get to that point, you'll be able to finish the hexagon game level you're on. In addition, as you go through the minicar, the objective number will rise as well. You also have the pleasure of rotating the blocks in any way you see fit to suit the enormous Hexagon. You also receive a time bounce and a shot bounce at the end of each level you clear. You will find that to be encouraging. However, it would profit if you exert caution because it cannot fill the massive Hexagon. Commence the process of raising your Chinese 2048.

    Release Date: 1 August 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile),

    493 played times

    Category: Arcade

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