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  • Headphone Rush

    Headphone Rush

    Headphone Rush

    simulation simulation hypercasual hypercasual head head rhythm rhythm music music

    Game description

    Play the most fabulous music game ever!

    Purchase a new pair of high-quality headphones to replace your old clunky ones. Passing through a series of gates while upgrading your headphones to a super awesome Friday night colour hop 3d - music game is vital if you want to succeed.

    Race across the vacuum while dodging several online music games in this never-ending roller coaster adventure. You must switch lanes rapidly and consider your Princess Valentine's Crush music games to obtain exceptional speeds.

    Using Icy Purple Head 3. Super Slide, you may develop and apply equalizations specific to the headphones you are now using and the set of tools it gives. Everything you could want in a video game from 2022 is here!

    Alexa, get the app installed on your phone and instantly get some new headphones to improve your listening experience. Calibration may be done manually or using Apple's arcade music game, Apple Music. For an even better listening experience, use the beatbox music game mod and reduce the corrective attenuation.

    Guess the song after configuring the music game classroom. You may enable equalization and forget about it by enabling Autogenre. The Headphones Equalizer will attempt to retrieve the genre of the presently playing artist as a result of this 3D among us music game.

    Release date: 9 July 2022 , Platform: Web browser

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