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  • Happy Stars Match 3

    Happy Stars Match 3

    Happy Stars Match 3

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    Game description

    Swap the stars to form a cluster of three or more similar stars next to one another on either a horizontal or vertical axis. Continue to match until all of the squares have been unlocked and cleared. Powerup may be used to speed things up. You must finish all 36 levels to win this game.
    To destroy all of the squares underneath the jewels, you must match the stones on every tile. You will then have a best pc arcade game. If you like to succeed, you must let the candies fall off the board as they are supposed to.
    To complete an arcade games free, you may be required to free the jewels from shackles or destroy obstacles.
    On each level, a maximum of three stars may be earned. When you've accumulated 160 stars in the previous globe, the next one is made accessible.
    The arcade game ball will be more pleasant if you complete the level by matching four or five meteors. The candy will fall from the ceiling if storms break the squares under the jewels or the gems under the sweets.

    Release date: 22 April 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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