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  • Burial Yard Escape

    Burial Yard Escape

    pointandclick pointandclick escape escape

    Game Description

    Try Burial Yard Escape online escape puzzle game and get an escape from the yard by solving puzzles and gathering clues from all around the place.

    Play Burial Yard Escape for free at crazygamesonline free. 

    Escape games always remain popular among people who love to play online puzzle games. In these kinds of puzzle games app, you have to collect the hints and clued and then solve the puzzle to escape from the place. In the Burial Yard Escape, you are entrapped in the yard, and you are alone there. To win this escape game for pc is to escape from the place as soon as possible. There are many puzzles to solve for you in the puzzle game. You have to collect old clues and then have too little by little to solve the puzzles in the game. There are many levels in the game also. you have to complete all the levels in the escape game online play to have a win. if you get stuck somewhere, there are hints also there. 

    Release Date: 24 November 2021 , Platform: Web browser,

    Burial Yard Escape have been played 316 and receive 0'% from 0 votes on crazygamesonline

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