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    Game description

    World of Alice - Search and Find, an educational game that transports children into a captivating universe where learning and fun seamlessly intertwine. This game challenges young minds to discover animals and hidden objects using a simple click on their cell phone, tablet, or computer. As an exceptional educational resource, it provides an engaging way for children to develop their observational skills and attention to detail while exploring the vibrant and whimsical world of Alice.

    In this magical setting, children are not merely players but active participants in a visual scavenger hunt that spans various animated landscapes. Whether they're in Alice’s whimsical room, a bustling park, or a mysterious forest, players will find themselves deeply engaged as they search for specific items or creatures that blend into intricate backgrounds.

    Expanding the adventure, the World of Alice - Parts of the House offers a continuation of the exploration theme. In this interactive game, children learn about different parts of a house through beautifully designed interactive scenes. This game not only helps in recognizing everyday objects but also enhances vocabulary and spatial awareness, making it a perfect complement to the search and find challenges.

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    Another intriguing addition to the Alice series is the World of Alice - Body Organs, which educates children about human anatomy in a straightforward and interactive manner. This game simplifies complex concepts about the body's organs through interactive diagrams and easy-to-understand explanations, making it an invaluable educational tool for young learners.

    Exploring different themes of transformation and self-expression, Princess Eliza Soft vs Grunge introduces children to the world of fashion through a fun and creative dress-up game. Here, players can experiment with different styles, learning about contrast and aesthetics as they help Princess Eliza choose between soft and grunge looks.

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    World of Alice - Search and Find stands as a stellar example of how educational games can entertain while teaching valuable skills, making every interaction with the game a meaningful journey into the delightful world of Alice.

    Release date: 29 April 2024 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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