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    Dive into the magical "World of Alice - First Letter," an innovative educational game tailored specifically for young learners. Developed to enhance children's literacy skills, this game challenges players to complete words by selecting their initial letters, making it a delightful and educational experience accessible via cell phone, tablet, or computer. The game embodies a vibrant, engaging environment where learning becomes an adventure. In the World of Alice, education is not just about memorization; it's about making learning genuinely enjoyable. Children are encouraged to click on the correct initial letter of a word, which helps them understand alphabet recognition and phonics in a fun, interactive way.

    As part of the "World of Alice" series, the game World of Alice - Uppercase and Lowercase offers an excellent continuation of learning. This game extends the literacy lessons by teaching the differences between uppercase and lowercase letters, a fundamental skill in reading and writing. Through engaging activities and charming animations, children learn to distinguish between capital and small letters, reinforcing their knowledge in a playful context.

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    Another insightful addition to the World of Alice series is World of Alice - Body Organs. This educational game takes young learners on a journey through human anatomy, teaching them about different body organs and their functions. The game uses interactive diagrams and simple, clear explanations to make complex concepts accessible and interesting to children, fostering a curiosity about biology and the human body.

    Exploring beyond the confines of educational themes, Treasures of The Sea offers an adventurous escape into the ocean depths. This game combines the thrill of treasure hunting with educational elements, such as learning about marine life and oceanography. Players navigate underwater landscapes searching for hidden treasures, encountering various sea creatures and learning about the ecosystem along the way.

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    In the "World of Alice - First Letter," learning the alphabet is just the beginning. As players explore more games within this enchanting universe, they gain not only literacy skills but also a broad knowledge base across various subjects, making education a comprehensive, engaging, and enjoyable journey.

    Release date: 10 May 2024 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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