Where to Buy LoL Accounts? 5 Websites to Buy LoL Smurfs

Where To Buy LoL Accounts? 5 Websites To Buy LoL Smurfs

Many League of Legends players look to buy unranked accounts for various reasons - to avoid the stress of ranked play on their main account, to smurf with different champions or roles, or simply to enhance their gaming experience. While dozens of sites offer LoL accounts for sale; buyers need to be wary of shady sellers offering botted, hacked, or even banned accounts.

When purchasing an unranked League account, you want to make sure you use a reputable seller that levels accounts manually and has measures in place to ensure the accounts are legitimate. Factors like price, verification processes, and customer reviews should be considered when determining which site to trust for a safe LoL account buying experience.

This article will review the top sites to buy from based on community trust and reviews. We’ll examine the key factors like pricingaccount safetydelivery guarantees, and more. With the right research, you can find a quality, unranked account from sellers who stand by their products. The goal is to enjoy League of Legends with a fresh start while avoiding scams or banned accounts down the road.

5 Websites to Buy LoL Smurfs

One of the top sellers to consider is Smurfers.net, boasting over 2,000 positive reviews on Reviews.io. This site offers cheap pricing on LoL smurf accounts, starting at just 10 EURO for a Level 30 unranked account.

The site has a great selection of EU West, EU Nordic/East, and North American accounts. You can customize your purchased account with champion shards and blue essence amounts.

The account delivery process is quick and simple. Once your payment is processed, you receive login details right away. Smurfers provides support via Discord in case any issues come up. There are no worries about shady business with this seller.

Smurfers.net also provides a lifetime guarantee on all accounts, so if your purchased account gets banned or locked, they will replace it free of charge. However, they reimburse if the account gets banned for botting, so in case, for example, you get banned for hacking or scripting, then they won’t reimburse you. 

With rock-bottom pricing, stellar reviews, and great customer service, Smurfers.net is undoubtedly one of the top options for buying a fresh League of Legends account you can level up or take straight into ranked play.

Player Auctions

With over 20 years of experience and strict policies against illegal selling activities, PlayerAuctions is widely regarded as a safe and trusted marketplace. The site has extensive buyer protections, thoroughly checking all accounts and verifying user identities to prevent fraud.

PlayerAuctions works closely with law enforcement to prosecute any criminal behaviour and maintains highly positive ratings on review sites like TrustPilot for keeping their marketplace secure. You can feel confident buying an unranked League account from a top-rated seller here.


Another reputable site to check out is Eldorado.gg, which maintains excellent customer ratings on Trustpilot. Reviewers consistently praise their fast delivery, high-quality accounts, and responsive customer support.

Many reviewers mention receiving their Eldorado accounts in under 5 minutes after payment. They also back every purchase with lifetime warranties in case any issues arise down the road. With glowing feedback on their service quality and account legitimacy, Eldorado is a smart option for safely buying a LoL Smurf account.


For a more budget-friendly option, g2g.com offers cheap LoL accounts starting under $10. G2G operates as a marketplace connecting buyers and sellers directly.

While pricing is low, there are risks in buying here compared to more reputable sellers. Accounts may be stolen or compromised, so caution is advised. Be sure to thoroughly vet any seller, check account reviews, and only use secure payment options.

The advantage of G2G is the potential to find great deals on accounts. But extra steps like looking for sellers with long tenure, positive ratings, and confirmed order histories are recommended to avoid getting banned or compromised accounts. With some due diligence, G2G can be a good source for inexpensive LoL smurfs. But safety isn't guaranteed like more premium sellers.


IGVault is a long-standing marketplace specializing in new game accounts and items. They have a section dedicated to LoL accounts ranging from unranked level 30 to high-ranked accounts.

IGVault promises hand-leveled accounts and verifies sellers to ensure legitimacy. They also offer a warranty program to cover any issues with purchased accounts.

Pricing starts around $25 USD for a fresh level 30 unranked account. More valuable accounts with rare skins or ranked progress can cost several hundred dollars.

While pricier than sites like PlayerAuctions, reviewers say IGVault’s account quality and customer service are excellent. Their verification steps give buyers peace of mind against receiving a compromised or botted account. For those willing to pay more for security and reliability, IGVault is a trusted choice.


Buying an unranked League of Legends account can be a great way to get a fresh start in LoL or Smurf without ranked anxiety. However, you want to make sure you purchase from reputable sellers to avoid getting scammed or banned.

Some of the top reviewed sites are Smurfers, PlayerAuctions, Eldorado, G2G and IGVault - they offer the best combination of security, legitimacy, and buyer protection when purchasing an account. 


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